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Here are 4 topics for commercial real estate agent training today. 1. Create Around the Clock Motivation, 2. How to Control Your Commercial Real Estate Sale or Leasing Deal, 3. Why you should keep accurate information, 4. How to do a Tenant Mix Analysis and Create a Tenant Mix Strategy. These are commercial real estate training programs by John Highman.

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Cool Graphic on some of my Real Estate Activity

Cool Graphic on some of my Real Estate Activity

I always try to reflect on past #realestate Transactions to learn, what I could have done better.  I’ve been blessed to experience some Real Estate Brokerage mistakes early in my career.  From being cut out of deals, working on 1 year long short sales, failed transactions, dealing with rude investors.  

My first couple of months in the business, I showed a buyer over 50 homes, only for them to decide they were not ready buy. I lost time, money and some of my sanity from this until I chose to focus on the positive, I now had shown over 50 homes in different neighborhoods, with different layouts, and prices.  I mastered the mls system, learned how to set appointments, and how to work with clients while on showings. 

I am thankful for the early challenges in my Real Estate business, because they helped make me a better Agent. I am always working to grow my Real Estate knowledge because it helps me serve my Clients, needs better.  Thanks for taking the to read stay tuned as we continue to grow our market share.  

Leadership leads to Clemson Quarterback Tajh Boyd being Drafted by NY Jets



Rex Ryan on drafting Boyd:

“We probably had more insight into his character with my son being there,” Ryan said. “My son talked about his leadership. He said he was the leader of that program as far as a player is concerned. He said that if Tajh called a meeting at 2 a.m., the entire football team would’ve been there. That speaks about the type of person he is. We’re excited to bring Tajh here and let him compete.”

Never know who is observing your actions under fire, when you are facing tight deadlines! How we react and respond to adversity can mean new business or lost opportunities.

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We are Empire Avenue


Social media is fun again,

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Empire Avenue is an international social networking site run  by the members and much much more , let our members explain .

Empire Avenue to me has always been part-social network, part-business network, part game, part social medial analytics, and part social media TRAINING.  Empire Avenue teaches one how to best utilize their social media networks and provides you with a WORLDWIDE network of the most talented business owners, developers, designers, entreprenuers, writers, muscians, hackers, coders, bloggers, programmers, ever.
Empire Avenue is a “game based on real world social media interaction” which means “you can compete against other players or your own record” which gives you “daily motivation to improve your engagement.”
Empire Avenue offers “detailed analytics”, which means “you can measure social media engagement by network “which gives you a “fun and easy way to spot what’s working – and what’s not.”

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Real Estate Agent – 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Commercial Real Estate Database

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Most commercial real estate agents will have a database.  More often than not the database they have or use will be well out of date and poorly maintained.  With all of this technology around us today you would think that the life of an agent would be easier?

I have seen agent databases that are many thousands of people only to find that most of the contacts are redundant, incorrect, or outdated.  My view is that it is far better to have 600 people that you do know very well, than 5000 people that would not know you from a ‘bar of soap’.  Our industry is built around the strength of relationships; remember that!

So, it’s the time of year where we should talk about refreshing and revitalising your database.  It’s a personal process, and you can’t delegate it to anyone else in your team.  Work your contact list comprehensively…

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Capital District Multi-Family Special Report

Thinking of investing in Apartments or developing Apartments in the Capital District, then you need to read this “free” report by my Real Estate Broker: Jesse Holland

Is there an Apartment Bubble in the Capital Region?

Multifamily Special Report

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